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We Provide a Personalized Experience

At KOR Strength and Conditioning, our training specialists and health professionals work together, in a team-based atmosphere, to personally assess each client and create an integrated program to help them reach their individual goals. We provide a personalized experience, addressing functional issues and movement patterns to develop a solid core, as well as providing corrective exercises to rehabilitating post-injury patients.

Our sport-specific program focuses on peak performance training and is designed to strengthen weaknesses to reduce potential injury and increase strength, endurance, speed, agility, and power, to give athletes a competitive edge.

Not all workouts are created equal…No matter what your body type, level of fitness or ultimate goals are, we will find what works for you.

Why Train with Kettlebells

3-D training uses total body-movements rather than the typical single-plane isolation movements found in many traditional fitness programs. These movements emphasize side-to-side and rotational movements in free space with a kettlebell, working multiple muscle groups at the same time for a highly effective workout in half the time.
You can get an effective total-body workout in as little as 20 minutes when you work out with kettlebells. The combination of 3-D movements and the shifting of your center of gravity with a kettlebell simultaneously increases your cardio-respiratory fitness and muscular strength. The Kettlebell Swing, the mother of all kettlebell exercises, is one of the few weight-bearing exercises proven to increase an athlete’s VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption).
The versatility of kettlebells and the ease of transporting them allows you to work out almost anywhere.
A strong core increases both agility and power. It also builds a healthy back and minimizes risk of injury.
When athletes perform during practice or in competition, their bodies move in several directions at the same time. The kettlebell’s resistance, and your ability to move it in multiple dimensions while training, help increase the strength and range of motion in muscles that would not be engaged with traditional strength-training exercises.

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Fitness Training

KOR San Diego Group Classes

Group Classes

Before we begin loading with weights, we focus on mobility and stability drills, which challenges your balance, coordination, flexibility, and core strength. You will train in multi-directional planes, preparing your body to move in all planes of motion safely and efficiently. We design a program that targets your weakest links first, creating a strong foundation that we can build upon. From here, depending on your personal goals, your training will be individualized and progressive to translate directly to your sport or life.

KOR San Diego Personal Training

Customized Personal Training

We begin all one-on-one training with a functional movement screen. This personal assessment helps us identify specific mobility or stability issues and/or imbalances you may have. From here we design a program that targets your weakest areas first, creating a strong foundation that we build from. Your training program will be individualized and progressive to get you to your personal goals. Build a strong foundation and learn age-appropriate lifting techniques and plyometric drills to enhance maximum power production and out-jump your competition.

Kettlebell Sport

We are big believers in competitive fitness. Whether you are competing against yourself or others, competition brings out the best in most people and gives you something to work towards whether it is losing weight, improving strength or winning competitions.

KOR San Diego Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Improve Speed, Agility and Quickness: Learn to put your body in a better position and improve reaction times to move faster on the court or field. Work on change of direction, acceleration and top end speed by optimizing movement techniques and body mechanics.

KOR San Diego Boot Camps and Clinics

Boot Camps and Clinics

Built on three fundamentals of training—cardio, strength, and agility — boot-camp workouts require little more than your body weight to get results. They’re more intense than any fitness class and more fun than traditional gym workouts.

KOR San Diego Swingers Club

Swingers Club Challenges

Every month we are challenging you to go pound for pound with us. For each level you reach, you earn a prize; higher levels=cooler prizes.

Swingers Club Challenge