5 Round Friday Workouts2019-03-07T14:13:36-08:00

Every Friday, Coach Kristen does a “5 round” workout and shares it with you.
5 exercises x 5 rounds.

5 Round Friday workouts are meant to be fast. Try not to take breaks, and you’ll be done in under 20 minutes! Feel free to make your own modifications.

Join in the Friday Fun! KOR has open gym from 6:00am-1:00am & 4:00pm-5:00pm.

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409, 2019

5 Round Friday: 9/6/19

Gunslingers 20x
Landmine Rainbow 20x
TRX Row 15x
Jump Squats 15x
Lateral Crawl + KB Drag >/<
Repeat 5x
2908, 2019

5 Round Friday: 8/30/19

Lateral Clean + Press 10/10x
Single Arm Swing 10/10x
Barbell Row 15x
Ball Slams 15x
Single Leg Toe Touch 20x
Repeat 5x
2208, 2019

5 Round Friday: 8/23/19

Landmine Row 15x
Hockey Lunges 10/10x
MB Toss + Burpee 10x
Side Plank K2E 10/10x
Aridyne Sprint 100x
Repeat 5x
1508, 2019

5 Round Friday: 8/16/19

Suitcase Deadlift 8/8x
Club Cast Lunge 16x
Lateral Hop + Sprawl 10x
Russian Twist 50x
Archer Row 10x
Repeat 5x
808, 2019

5 Round Friday: 8/9/19

Goblet Squat 12x
Rotational Band Press 10/10x
Box Step Overs 20x
Kettlebell Row 10/10x
Hollow SL Tuck 10/10x
Repeat 5x
108, 2019

5 Round Friday: 8/2/19

Bench Press 10x
Atlas Stone Lift 3-5x
High Knee Jump Rope 1 min
SB Jack Knife 10x
Split Stance Band Row 12/12x
Repeat 5x