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KOR is a functional fitness training facility where you will discover your inner athlete. From kettlebells and barbells to rings and ropes, we utilize a variety of tools to make your workouts effective and enjoyable.

Co-owner Kristen Karhio hails from a small town in upstate New York but never looked back after being recruited to compete in track at SDSU. After her track career, Kristen began learning and teaching kettlebells in San Diego, where she met client and future business partner Dan Bettcher. Fueled by their shared love of kettlebells, Kristen and Dan opened KOR Strength and Conditioning, currently located in North Park, for fellow humans to come get fit and have fun.

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Why Kettlebells

We train with kettlebells for a variety of reasons. First off, the kettlebell is the perfect tool for functional training. From swings to get ups, there are so many ways to train with a kettlebell. We boast a fantastic Kettlebell Sport team who competes internationally.

Also, kettlebells are portable! Once you learn how to use them, you can get your own and bring it anywhere. We are setting you up for a life of activity, fitness, and fun.

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Amazing Comradeship

At KOR we strive to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We are a judge-free gym and accept anyone who wants to join! Here you’ll meet 5 awesome trainers who want to see you succeed, and your future gym friends who will be cheering you on.

KOR is located on 30th street in the heart of North Park. We love our North Park neighbors and we love our fellow local businesses. We enjoy throwing events, both fitness and social, for our gym members. From workshops and camps to happy hours and BBQs, we love our members and we hope that you’ll become one.

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