The KOR Benchmarks

These 6 standard exercises are a way for KOR members to track their progress and measure improvement. Under each exercise you will find a brief description of the movement, the various benchmark levels as determined by KOR trainers, as well as a video demo and a video tip.


The kettlebell swing is a weighted hinge movement that utilizes the hamstrings. Beginning in a deadlift position, the kettlebell is swung back between the legs in a hinge, and then returned forward through the momentum of the hips until the arms are perpendicular to the body.

Level Women Men
L1 16kg 24kg
L2 24kg 32kg
L3 32kg 48kg

Swing Standard

Swing Tip


The overhead press is a one-armed press that begins with a kettlebell in the rack position. The lats engage to press the kettlebell straight overhead so that the arm is straight in line with the body. The elbow must completely lock at the top before returning the kettlebell to the rack position. This movement requires upper body and core strength.

Level Women Men
L1 16kg 24kg
L2 20kg 32kg
L3 24kg 48kg

Press Standard

Press Tip

Pull Up

The pull up is an upper-body exercise performed through a pulling motion. It begins hanging from the bar with palms facing forward. The lats engage and the arms bend to pull the body up until the chin is over the bar. The arms then straighten until the body returns to the hang position.

Level Women Men
L1 1 5
L2 5 10
L3 10 20

Pull Up Standard

Pull Up Tip

Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up (TGU) is a full body exercise that tests overall stability and strength. It involves a series of movements that begin on the floor, move to the standing position, and then end on the floor. The kettlebell is kept straight up in the overhead press position during the TGU.

Level Women Men
L1 16kg 24kg
L2 24kg 32kg
L3 32kg 48kg

TGU Standard


Push Up

The push up is a standard exercise beginning in the plank position with palms on the floor, arms straight. The arms bend to lower the body, keeping it in a straight line until the chest is a few inches from the floor. Then, the arms push up to a straight position, raising the body back up to plank position.

Level Women Men
L1 10 25
L2 25 50
L3 50 75

Push Up Standard

Push Up Tip

Pistol Squat

The pistol squat is a squat on one leg, with the other leg extended straight in front of the body. The extended leg must start extended as the other leg performs the squat. The extended leg should never touch the ground. This lower body exercise engages the core and tests flexibility and balance.

Level Women Men
L2 12kg 24kg
L3 24kg 48kg

Pistol Squat Standard

Pistol Squat Tip