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Join Ian Markow for 90 minutes of Kinstretch!

Kinstretch practice is complete with a self-assessment system allowing you the ability to monitor your own body for dysfunction that may be causing pain, loss of performance, or that may be putting you at an increased chance of injury.

Still wondering what Kinstretch is? Ian explains:

“Kinstretch is defined as a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion.

Kinstretch is about giving you MORE MOVEMENT OPTIONS. That is more options to be efficient, fast, powerful, and most importantly safe in. One of the most crucial differences between Kinstretch and other approaches is utilizing active range of motion or mobility training to build your foundation. Instead of owning a yoga pose or getting better position in your squat we are improving the OVERALL capacity of your hips. When this happens that yoga pose gets easier and the bottom of that squat is deeper and stronger.

First we must clearly state what a prerequisite means in this context. Lets define pre requisite as ‘the required capacity to perform a movement safely.’ Furthermore, if you can not actively achieve a position without weight, than adding weight is not a quality long term strategy. Exercise is an invention. The average human lifestyle currently does not prepare the body for the majority of exercises being performed in the gym. Here is a quote to portray the importance of pre requisites within a Crossfit scenario.

“If you have a room full of 100 random people and you say the exercise for the day is overhead squats, the fact that you’re clearing 100 people randomly to do overhead squats says a lot about how well you understand prerequisites. … give me a random sample of 100 people, I’d say maybe 5 or 10 have what is necessary to do that safely.” – Dr. Andreo Spina

The goal of Kinstretch is never to REPLACE Crossfit, Soul Cycle, yoga, or anything else you love to do. Our mission is to make sure your body is prepared, maintained, and set up for the highest level of success possible.”

You can read the rest of Ian’s explanation here.