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The Lyra (also known as aerial hoop, aerial ring or cerceau) is a circular steel apparatus suspended from the ceiling to perform aerial acrobatics either static or spinning. We will cover mobility, a sequence of basic poses, aerial conditioning, and flexibility.

Learn how to safely move on and in the hoop as well as exploring movement in poses, and if we have the time – spins! Learn to float in the air and move with grace on this beautiful apparatus. This will be a creative, fun, and challenging workshop.




What to bring:

  • Leggings and tights. Some people like to wear two (2) pairs of leggings or a pair of thigh high leg warmers on top of leggings.
  • Water.
  • Camera or phone to record drills for notes (even though we all know you’re really going to use it for social media)
  • No jewelry of any kind. No clothing with buttons, zippers, metal or plastic parts. (Things can snag and damage the Lyra)
  • Prepare to be bare foot
  • Your Smile! You might finally run away with the circus!


Instructor: Wendy Steinman

After a decade of martial arts and a stint of long distance running, Wendy fell in love with a whole new world of training styles and dove head first into climbing, calisthenics, aerial acrobatics, and even competed in two body building shows at the end of 2017. She choreographed and performed her first Lyra solo in the beginning of 2018 and spent the rest of the year deepening her understanding of gymnastic strength training and aerial conditioning. She is currently a trainer and the manager of Center For Balanced Training and a Fitness Instructor at Mesa Rim Climbing and Fitness.