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Stop Hating Your Body

An immersive one-day self-acceptance workshop.

What you’ll learn:
  • What body image issues are *really* about, and how to deal with them.
  • How to unpack internalized fatphobia.
  • How to uncouple your body parts from the false/negative meaning you’ve attached to them.
  • The connection between body anxiety/obsession and self worth.
  • How to identify the emotional needs you’ve been trying to get met with your appearance, and get them met more directly.
  • Why validation and approval is an inside job (aka why you can never seem to get enough!) and how to finally offer it to yourself.
  • How to accept the parts of yourself that you previously thought were unacceptable.
  • How to stop taking other people’s opinions of you personally.
  • How to forgive your body for not looking how you think it “should.”
  • How to make your body/appearance the least interesting thing about you.
  • How to redefine self-love and body acceptance in a way that’s possible for YOU.

Coach Bio: Jessi is a writer, TEDx speaker, and body image coach, on a mission to help people move past body image issues and step into a world of unshakeable self-acceptance and love. With nearly a decade of experience as a NASM certified personal trainer, and 5 years as an iPEC certified life coach, Jessi uses a unique process of helping clients tap into the innate wisdom of their physical body, unpack unconscious beliefs, and face their biggest fears, to learn how to finally forgive, accept, and become friends with their bodies… all while building a sense of confidence and worthiness that is completeley unrelated to how they look.


For reference, you can watch Jessi’s TEDx talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWESkMNPams

The Workshop: This is the one-day live workshop version of my teachings on how to overcome body anxiety, hatred, obsession, and control. Great for anyone who has ever struggled with body image issues personally, AND for anyone who works with clients who struggle with body image issues, this workshop will teach you practical skills for identifying why you’ve *actually* been hating your body all this time (hint: it’s not because of your body!) and how to move toward forgiveness, compassion, and body peace. Through a combination of lecture, specific guided exercises, and group discussion, each person will leave with concrete tools and concepts for working through body image issues within themselves, and for talking to others in a way that promotes confidence and body positivity.
Note: You do not have to identify as “hating your body” to benefit from this workshop. While many people, especially women, identify that way, this workshop is designed for anyone who experiences:
  • Any body negativity or body anxiety.
  • A preoccupation with perceived “flaws.”
  • Body monitoring or a pressure to look lean, thin, or “attractive” all the time.
  • An excessive desire to control food/weight/exercise/appearance/
  • Negative self-talk regarding the body’s appearance, health, function, or performance.
  • A feeling/worry that your appearance defines you and determines your worth.


Register Here: https://jessikneeland.com/events/live-workshop/