Kettlebell Camp – Express

KOR’s Kettlebell Camp Express is the fast-track version of kettlebell camp for those who already possess kettlebell knowledge. This is not a customized program like our full Kettlebell Camp – just 4 sessions with a trainer reviewing the main kettlebell movements: Deadlift, Press, Goblet Squat, Swing, Clean, and Turkish Get Up. These 4 sessions will be used to improve form and technique, preparing you for a safe class experience.

You will also have access to unlimited Level 1 classes during camp. As soon as you complete your 4 sessions, you may access all classes.

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When is Camp?

Please select either the morning or evening camp sessions. Depending on your selection, you will start camp on either a Monday or Tuesday. Camp sessions must be reserved in advance.

Day Time Coach
M/W 6:15-7 PM Kristen
T/Th 7-7:45 AM Dan