Personalized Fitness Training

KOR Strength and Conditioning has expert trainers who meet with each client to assess their goals and create a personalized workout experience. Your trainer will design a results-based program specific to you.

Semi-Private Training

Our semi-private (small group) training approach offers you the same individualized workouts, but for half the cost, more scheduling flexibility, and more fun! Your training sessions will be with a small group of up to five other members. This approach to training often provides greater results, thanks to the camaraderie and support. Semi-Private Training is the ultimate investment in your long-term health and fitness. This membership includes access to unlimited classes.

Small Group (Semi-Private) Personalized Fitness Training

Group Classes

Fun Group Classes - Fitness Training

We have a variety of group classes available to our members including Kettlebells, Conditioning, Mobility, Fusion, Strength, and more. Each class provides a unique, well-balanced workout that is fun and interactive. Your coach will keep an eye on technique so that you can push yourself safely and effectively towards your goals.

Group Class Schedule

Private Training

One-on-one sessions are all about you and your goals. After assessing your movement, your coach will design a results-based program specific to you. Personal training sessions allow you to receive the most attention and guidance from your coach. All eyes on you!

Pre & Post Natal Training

post natal training

Mamas: It’s time to give back to the body that gave so much. Repair, reconnect and regain your strength with other mamas who are relearning strength training with their evolving bodies. Coach Robin Taylor is a certified Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist and Diastasis & Core Consultant.

Bad Mama Jama

Workshops and Bootcamps

KOR offers workshops, certifications and camps year round that allow members and non-members alike to explore new movements and disciplines. Some of our past workshops include: Squat School, Wim Hof Method, Club Bells, Handstand, Rings, Martial Arts, Metabolism, Parkour, Gymnastics, ELDOA, Kickboxing, and much more.

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