Team KOR crushes the WAKSC Cali Open 2018

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We had an incredible weekend at Innovative Results in Costa Mesa, CA for the 2018 WAKSC Cali Open. Team KOR's own Lauren ("Lolo") earned her Master of Sport, the first for our team! Events started Friday morning with long cycle, continued Saturday with jerk, and ended Sunday with the snatch. Head Coach Brittany van Schravendijk [...]

Rules and Scoring for Kettlebell Sport: How To Win

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How are kettlebell competitions judged?  Kettlebell Sport rules require every lifter has a judge who sits in front of them for the duration of their competition set and counts their repetitions, monitors their technique, and gives "no counts" if any technical fouls occur (click here for specific details on rules and regulations, which are fairly [...]

What is Kettlebell Sport?

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Kettlebell Sport, also known as Girevoy Sport, is an endurance style of lifting kettlebells that is used in competition. The objective of a kettlebell competition is to complete as many repetitions as possible in 10 minutes, either with one switch (if you are using one kettlebell), or without setting the kettlebells down (if you [...]

Team KOR takes Long Cycle Championships by storm

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After a solid two months of training for the Long Cycle Championships, which took place last Saturday, all 11 members of Team KOR hit a new personal best at the competition. The Long Cycle Championships took place at One Training Center in Spring Valley. There were lifters from San Diego, Costa Mesa, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Fresno, and [...]

An Intro To Kettlebell Sport

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For the most part kettlebells are mainstream fitness items now. Most people have heard of them or used them, but most people are still unfamiliar with Kettlebell Sport. Today we are going to give you a quick tutorial and intro to Kettlebell Sport from one of the top competitive kettlebell athletes in the world, Brittany [...]

2015 IUKL World Championship

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My set from the 2015 IUKL World Championship did not go as planned. Initially, I felt a little embarrassed to share this video. This is my worst competition set I have ever done. After winning nationals with 206 reps I had hoped to come through for my team. On competition day, I ended my set with 178 snatches  - [...]