Spikey Ball

A firm, spiked ball which is great for massaging the body feet and hands.

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A firm, spiked ball which is great for massaging the body feet and hands.

Spikey Ball History
The spikey ball originated in Denmark to stimulate and arouse psychiatric patients in depressed mental states and associated postural breakdowns. It has been used extensively in Australia and on the European, Asian and US Golf Tours to provide myo-fascial release, self-massage and postural education for tour players. As a result of fixed postures, muscle imbalances and excessive repetition associated with the sport of golf the Spikey ball has been used extensively to alleviate these conditions. This information is now being used for all types of patients with musculoskeletal disorders e.g. computer operators, postural dysfunction in young people and sports injuries to name a few.

Physiological Benefits

  • Stimulates local vasodilatation to increase blood flow and promote the healing process;
  • Stimulates the mechanoreceptors to promote the pain gate theory;
  • Acts as an adjunct for acupressure point release and myo-fascial release;
  • Promotes endorphin release;
  • Can assists in scar tissue breakdown.Benefits of Spikey Ball to the Therapist
  • Patients / clients can get an instant feedback result through sensory motor change using the spikey ball;
  • The ball can reinforce self-massage techniques;
  • Client / patient can improve body postures and body awareness immediately promoting instant gratification for the client and the therapist;
  • The spikey ball can be used anywhere anytime e.g. office, living room, traveling or school;
  • The spikey ball can also be used in a specific warm up prior to participating in sporting activities.
  • Therapists / trainers can measure improvement subjectively using mirrors or video before and after use of the spikey ball;
  • Functional activities e.g. walking, throwing, balance and sitting can be re-analyzed straight away after using the Spikey Ball.
  • The therapist can achieve a substantial financial reward in selling the Spikey Ball to his/her clients.

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