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More Effective by Addressing ALL 5 Phases of Testosterone Production!*

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Cell Block 80™ was formulated to help increase Free Testosterone levels through multiple pathways and inhibit T from being bound or converted and rendered inactive.*

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Most people understand the link between testosterone and muscle growth, but the pathway to muscle growth is not a straight line. In fact testosterone has a very complex array of alternate routes that can lead to dead ends… or results you really don’t want.

So to understand what makes Cell Block 80™ such a breakthrough product we’ll need to follow the anabolic pathway all the way through. Cell Block 80™ addresses all 5 of the major areas where testosterone (T) can be limited or even completely stopped from hitting the target – causing muscle growth. It’s not about how much T you have, it’s how much Free T reaches the finish line – the androgen receptor sites in the muscle. It is a long path with lots of detours and road blocks, but Cell Block 80™ is designed to help your T reach its goal of triggering muscle growth.

Cell Block 80™ – Addressing ALL 5 Phases of the Anabolic Pathway

  1. Increase Testosterone precursor, DHEA, by as much as 32% 1*
  2. Bind SHBG 2 and Increase Free Testosterone 3*
  3. Block Estrogen 4*
  4. Block DHT 4*
  5. Reduce Cortisol by as much as 24% 1*

Can Cell Block 80 be used by women?

First thing they may notice is that the directions on the Cell Block 80 label say “for healthy males over 18”. We put that on the label because we thought only men would be interested in the product and we have had a surprisingly high amount of women asking about it. We will probably change the labels on the next run.

With that said, Cell Block 80 should NOT be used by anyone who is taking medications or who is pregnant, planning to get pregnant or nursing.

Cell Block 80 (CB80), by design, could be a great approach for women looking to optimize muscle growth and definition.

  1. Anti-Aromatase: Women produce both Estrogen (E) and Testosterone (T). T is necessary for libido, bone health and muscle growth and can add strength, energy and confidence. Some of that T though, can be converted back to E via an enzyme called Aromatase. DM33, a key ingredient in CB80, was shown in human research to block the conversion of T to E by over 80% (hence the name Cell Block 80)! This means more T remaining T to stimulate muscle growth.
    Now some may ask, “Does this block the production Estrogen that I need?” No. This product is only shown to block the conversion of Testosterone back to additional estrogen, not the normal production of estrogen in women via the ovaries. Excess E can lead to fat gain and water retention.
  2. DHEA, optimal hormone support: Another ingredient – Sensoril Ashwagandha was shown in human research to increase DHEA (a T precursor) up to 32%, allowing the body to make more T.
  3. Cortisol: Sensoril also reduces Cortisol, which is not only catabolic (tears down muscle) but competes with T for dominance in the Testosterone:Cortisol ratio in which influences whether your body builds or breaks down muscle.
  4. DHT: Lastly many women are concerned with the possible “masculinizing” effects of elevated T. DHT, a metabolite of T is “androgenic” meaning it influences the masculine traits, whereas T is “anabolic”, meaning muscle growth promoting. DM33 in CB80 was also shown to block the conversion of T to DHT by over 80%! This may result in giving you the muscle you want, while minimizing the negative effects you don’t want.
  5. Water retention: 2 ingredients in CB80 are mild diuretics that may help increase definition.

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