Kettlebell HIIT Workouts

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By now it's common knowledge that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a much more effective training modality than low-intensity, long-duration aerobic exercise. Combine HIIT with our favorite training tool - the kettlebell - and you have the dream team of exercise efficiency. Kettlebell training is fast, portable, and versatile, and helps you build both strength and cardiovascular [...]

10 Myths About Kettlebell Training

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From KBFitBritt.com Kettlebells have become increasingly popular in the fitness world, and for good reason. They are an incredible tool to build strength, conditioning, unilateral coordination, endurance, and mobility. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of misinformation on the internet about kettlebell training. People throw a kettlebell around for a few weeks and call themselves experts, [...]

Get a Grip

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By Mark Reifkind There are no strong people with weak hands. In fact, grip strength, along with abdominal and hip strength (read glute) are the three key neural generators of strength. You’ll never meet a weak mechanic or farmer or anyone who uses their hands in manual labor. Why? Because the body is a linked, interconnected [...]

January Pull Up Challenge

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Starting in 2018, KOR Strength and Conditioning Coaches are challenging our members to improve their benchmark exercises: pull up, push up, swing, press, pistol, and Turkish Get-Up(TGU). In the month of January, we are focusing on... the PULL UP hence the PULL UP CHALLENGE! Each week for 4 weeks, a series of progressive exercises will [...]

5 Reasons to Start Swingin’ the Kettlebell Swing

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Strengthen the posterior chain When done properly, the kettlebell swing is a fantastic hinging movement that works several major muscles on your backside including the hamstrings, glutes, and erectors. Improve posture In a world where we do everything at our fingertips, leading to all kinds of muscle imbalances, the kettlebell swing is an amazing exercise [...]

Breaking Down the Science of Building Muscle

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Building muscle can seem complicated and overwhelming at times, with so many philosophies and programs on the web promising 2 inches to your biceps in 2 weeks. Fortunately, Brad Schoenfeld, PH.D, C.S.C.S., and fitness expert on body composition training has brought some clarity to the topic after years of research. He has concluded that there [...]