World Championship

2015 IUKL World Championship

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My set from the 2015 IUKL World Championship did not go as planned. Initially, I felt a little embarrassed to share this video. This is my worst competition set I have ever done. After winning nationals with 206 reps I had hoped to come through for my team. On competition day, I ended my set with 178 snatches  - [...]

Brittany and Kristen Head to Dublin to Represent Team USA

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The Road to Dublin has been long, but it is finally time! On Monday 11/23/15, Coach Brittany and Kristen head to Dublin to represent Team USA at the IUKL World Championship! Brittany is no stranger to the World Championship and this time she will be competing as a professional in the 24k snatch [...]

Road to Dublin, Team USA

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Trip is booked. The "Road to Dublin, Team USA" is in full effect! About 8 months ago I competed at my first GS kettlebell sport competition at the Ice Chamber Athletic Performance Training's West Coast Classic. I finished my 16k snatch set with 177 reps and took 2nd place to a tough, experienced lifter. Not [...]

Kristen and Britt Qualify for the World Championships

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This past weekend, I traveled to Chicago to compete at the American Kettlebell Alliance National Championships – the qualifying meet to compete at the Kettlebell Sport World Championship. Both Kristen and I qualified for the World Championships in Dublin, Ireland! I won the 63kg Professional Snatch (24kg) with 92 repetitions, and Kristen won the 68+kg [...]