Team KOR crushes the WAKSC Cali Open 2018

Team KOR crushes the WAKSC Cali Open 2018

We had an incredible weekend at Innovative Results in Costa Mesa, CA for the 2018 WAKSC Cali Open. Team KOR’s own Lauren (“Lolo”) earned her Master of Sport, the first for our team!

Events started Friday morning with long cycle, continued Saturday with jerk, and ended Sunday with the snatch. Head Coach Brittany van Schravendijk made the decision not to compete this year, which allowed her to focus on coaching. You can see the hard work and dedication in the team’s results, found below.


Team Results


Dan Bettcher

24kg Triathlon 606 points (1st place)


Dustin Oros

2x24kg Long Cycle 46 reps (1st place)


Elsa Oros

16kg Snatch 147 (1st place)


Emily Bettcher

2x16kg Long Cycle 88 reps (1st place)


Gary Page

24kg Biathlon 193 points (1st place)


Jane Zwerneman

2x8kg Long Cycle 93 reps (1st place)


Jordan Levine

20kg Biathlon 144 points (1st place)


Justin “JJ” Jeffries

2x16kg Long Cycle 56 reps (1st place)


Lauren “Lolo” Sautkulis

2x16kg Long Cycle 69 reps (2nd place)

20kg Snatch 130 points (1st place)


Liz Levine

12kg Biathlon 106 points (1st place)


Marian Hart

16kg Snatch 167 (1st place)


Matt Hasler

2x20kg Long Cycle 75 reps (1st place)


Tiffany Longcor

2x12kg Long Cycle 75 reps (2nd place)

12kg Snatch 229 (1st place)


Kettlebell Sport is growing in popularity throughout the United States, and KOR Strength and Conditioning is home to the largest kettlebell team in San Diego. To find out more about participating in Kettlebell Sport, email [email protected]

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