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KOR is probably one of the top Kettlebell Gyms in the world, however it is more than Kettlebells! Honestly, I’ve never seen such a tight knowledgeable group of trainers in one place before. There is a good selection of classes each day. I think that the choices provided for coaching are great and a good value. I’ve joined a 100 gyms or exercise groups in my lifetime. KOR is one of the best. I expect to be a member for a long time.”

J. C.

Not only did the amazing trainers here get rid of my sciatic pain completely, but they were able to make working out fun, something I never thought possible. Kor is a small community of great people who love working on themselves and having fun. The training staff is very knowledgeable, and they are always able to make each day different and new. Best gym I’ve ever been a part of!”

T. J.

“I had been going [to the traditional gym] for many years and it was always boring, repetitive, and I felt unchallenged. [KOR] caught my attention because I’ve always wanted to workout with kettlebells but never had the courage to try. KOR classes were very different from what I was used to and they were very exciting and physically challenging. The classes attracted my interest and kept me going. I’ve learned many things since I joined KOR and to this day continue to learn new things.”

M. L.

“As someone who’s literally never been on an athletic team, never had a trainer, never even taken a movement-based class–basically, as someone who’s only gym experience is using an elliptical (poorly, because why did my knees always hurt?!)–I can attest that this place is great for people with all levels of experience. I basically have no idea what I’m doing in a gym 90% of the time, and the coaches are patient and encouraging.  And even though I’m usually at the bottom of the learning curve, they make sure I’m constantly being challenged. And it’s effective–I’m mean, I’m basically sore for 3/4 of the week. Coach Chris is always confident that I can do more, and pushes me to take on new challenges in each session.  He also does a great job managing to give me plenty of attention while also working with other members who are there and way better at all of this than I am. Thanks for helping me figure out what I’m doing, KOR!”

S. H.

“Let me start by saying I’m a physical therapist and I’m very critical when it comes to personal trainers. The coaches at KOR have exceeded all of my expectations and I have recommended them to friends and family. Their focus has always been centered around correct technique and safety which I’m all about. They have a group class structure which has always felt more individualized as their coaches are always happy to give you progression or regressions either at your request or if they feel your are struggling or not being pushed. KOR does more than produce great workouts and great results but they have created a community gym culture that makes their members feel at home working out there. Thank you KOR for revitalizing my workout drive!”

J. L.

“If you really want to learn the right way to do Kettlebells, this is the place to be. The staff is knowledgable and dedicated; they will make sure that your form is perfect so you don’t hurt yourself. I came here because I love kettlebells and had injured myself at a different gym. I took an introductory class with Brittany and am now doing personal training with Kristen–both instructors are excellent. By the way, I’d never signed up for personal training before, and while I am a goofy kettlebell enthusiast, I was nervous about the cost. I should not have been; its money very well spent. I am consistently challenged and I appreciate having an expert correct my form when needed. I love this place so much I keep talking about it at home and now my daughter wants to come here, too!”

M. H.

“My experience at KOR has been an amazing journey in fitness and health. While the main focus is kettlebells, the trainers infuse other workout styles and techniques in workshops, seminars, and group classes. This keeps the environment and energy of the gym fresh and always interesting! The trainers are professional, competent, world-class athletes and competitors. But that should not intimidate new members. They are genuine, patient, and excellent demonstrative teachers. Each trainer has their own unique style and it shows through their classes. Lately, I’ve been focusing on Brittany’s Kettlebell Sport training. I find it a challenging, fun workout that continually pushes me to go beyond my current limits and improves my technique, endurance, and strength. If you are looking for a small box gym with great energy, challenging workouts, and awesome trainers and members, I encourage you to try KOR!”

S. L.

“KoR has a lot of great coaches that are knowledgeable about everything fitness related. The classes are really fun and are a great way to switch up your workouts and try new methods and techniques. My mobility has been greatly improved since working out here.”

A. O.

“I love, love, love KOR Strength & Conditioning!!!  Whether you’re experienced with kettlebells or not, this is a great place to workout. I’ve mostly worked with Kristen, but all of the trainers are knowledgeable and experienced; no intimidating or unapproachable trainers here!  I came to KOR with some experience in traditional barbell lifting and basic kettlebell skills. I’m looking forward to trying Brittany’s kettlebell sport classes, something I’ve never tried before!”

L. V.

“All the trainers are wonderful…Brittany drives me to work harder. I was running by KOR on a Sunday and happened to walk in and chat with her about KOR and signed up. She calls me out when she thinks I could be lifting more and is always encouraging especially when you don’t think you have anything left!”

J. B.

“All around the best Kettlebell gym around. Awesome instruction, coaches are super friendly and knowledgeable. The Kettlebell sport classes are amazing.. if you need to improve your Kettlebell lifting this is the place to be! Also they have built a awesome community of Kettlebell enthusiasts that will help you push hard with your training! Team KOR is awesome! I recommend the  Kettlebell sport classes , if you want to push past your limits and enter an awesome sport Kor is the place to start with Kettlebell sport  champ coach Brittany.”

R. E.

After I came back from a 2 month work travel stint I was heavy, weak, and not feeling like a bride. Instead of feeling bad. I sucked it up and made it my goal to be fit, not skinny. After 3 months of training with Kristen, a Kettlebell competition, and a month of cutting back from alcohol (because that was inhibiting my training), by my wedding I was able to do 3 strict pull-ups in a row and deadlift 2x my weight. Being 8 lbs lighter and 5 inches smaller was just another added benefit. At KOR Dan and Kristen urge us to not make our goals esthetic (losing weight or inches) but instead make them about our strength and physical capabilities. I’m proof that those pounds and inches will disappear and complement your training regime. I rocked my wedding dress with strong shoulders and no bra fat!”

M. S.

“Why do I choose KOR? I’ve been to gyms that focus on quantity- not KOR. From their Foundations class on day 1, they stress the importance of quality movements to increase fun and fitness and reducing injury and fatigue. You learn how to effectively prepare the body to move! The team at KOR has such a variety of offerings and the variety of people who attend there that you always have a terrific time! I’ve participated in several fun events (Handstand classes, shoulder focus, rings classes, and KOR Anniversary events to name a few) and appreciate their expertise in a wide array of fitness practices.  I laugh and smile at every class I attend which definitely keeps me coming back. I feel like I’m playing in the circus and not “working” at all!  —  I even got my husband to attend and he hates gyms but he loves KOR! When I mention the variety of people who attend, I’m talking about all walks of life, all ages, all sizes and abilities. It’s certainly refreshing to be around real (and real fun) people. Now, the people who work there and go there are my friends outside the gym too! I can’t recommend this place highly enough.  This is not a typical gym with typical hours, but you go there knowing you get the job done, have fun, and want to come back and do it all again!”

A. L.

“I joined KOR almost 6 months ago and it has been life changing! I had no kettlebell experience but that doesn’t matter, the trainers will teach you everything you need to know. And if kettlebells isn’t your thing, it’s still an amazing gym to work out at! The conditioning classes are super fun and give you a great hour of sweating, and the personal training is so helpful. I’ve always been lost in gyms, but the trainers are so nice and dedicated and give you challenging and varying workouts every time. I feel so much stronger and happier! Cannot say enough good things about KOR.”

J. K.

I Love working out at KOR! After years of competing as a D1 softball player, then cross-fitting, my body was struggling with injuries. I needed something fresh and new–I wanted to find a gym that would allow me to workout hard and challenge me without beating my body up!  I decided to give kettlebell training at KOR a try. I took the plunge and joined. Two years later; I’m stronger and in better shape than I was in college.  I think it’s safe to say that I’ve fallen in love with kettlebell training and all the benefits kettlebells  offer. A few of the reasons I love this place:

  1. THE TRAINERS ARE AWESOME! Kristen, Dan, and Brittany are all passionate about fitness.
  1. HIGH QUALITY WORKOUTS. Regardless of which class you take, or your fitness level, you know you are going to get a challenging and effective workout!
  1. THE MEMBERS ARE LEGIT! The members are  all very welcoming! It’s a fun environment to be a part of.

I’ve been a part  of all types of gyms over the years, and I can definitely say this is my favorite! No matter what your health or fitness goals, there is something for everyone!”

K. M.

Highly recommend KOR whether you are a beginner or a someone who has exercised their whole life. The classes are structured to challenge all levels of fitness while truly taking strength, conditioning and mobility into consideration. The group environment is incredible and trainers are top notch!”

B. C.

“I used to think swinging giant cast-iron balls through the air was crazy, but now I think the only crazy thing is NOT engaging in such activities. I always struggled at the gym because I would get bored or not have enough structure — Kettlebell training at KOR gives just enough consistency and variety to yield results. Every trainer is awesome and has their own strengths and style; if you follow their recommendations you will 100% see results. Not to mention they are (literally) some of the best in the world, competitively. I’m so much stronger, leaner, and generally fitter than when I started here, and that’s just going to three classes a week. Give them a try, they’re not as hard as they look. Unless you’re talking about my buns of steel.”

C. R.