The Swingers Club is back!!!!

Your favorite fitness challenge is back this winter with a new challenge: The Alphabet Challenge. For those new to The Swingers Club, this is an optional, fun, friendly competition to get you moving every day. Keep reading to learn the rules and find out what’s in store.


Begins: Monday November 26th

Ends: Friday December 21st

How it works:

  • The Swingers Club¬†challenge runs for 4 weeks straight. There are 20 challenges: 1 for each weekday.
  • On weekends you may make up 1 challenge per day.
  • Each day we will reveal 1 word. Complete the workout created from the letters in that word, using our alphabet key.
  • Alert a trainer on duty before completing a challenge. They can also give modifications.
  • After completing a challenge, write your name on the card.
  • Collect prizes at the end based on the number of challenges completed!

Stop by the Studio to see all the challenges, rules, and prizes!!!