At KOR, we believe strongly in the value of a personal trainer. Many are hesitant to hire one because of price or intimidation, but the benefits will greatly outweigh your doubts. Keep reading to find out why.


1. Personalization

Trainers will customize your workout program to meet your goals. Whether you’d like to lose weight, build strength, recover from an injury, or train for a particular sport, your trainer will get to know you and make sure your program is tailored fit to you. Having a customized program makes working out fun and will help you get the results you want!


2. Efficiency

Your trainer will have your workout ready to go the moment you walk in the door. This means you won’t waste time wandering around the gym deciding what to do – your coach has packed your workout session full of exercises that will use your gym time efficiently. When you pay a personal trainer, you are paying for an injury-free, challenging, and fun workout that actually gets you results. No time wasted in the gym!


3. Variety

Tired of your routine but can’t figure out how to mix it up? Trainers have plenty of ideas! Once your trainer gets to know you and what you like, they can surprise you with fun workouts you’ve never thought of trying. Together you can explore new exercises and tools that could inspire you. You never know what may push you past a plateau or give you new motivation.


4. Flexibility

Trainers are flexible with their time and location, and will do their best to work with your schedule. If you find yourself unable to make it to regular classes or open gym, a personal trainer is your best option. Busy schedules make it hard to fit in gym time, so make the most of that time with an efficient, customized workout.


5. Accountability

Have you ever wandered into a gym, run on the treadmill for 10 minutes, done a few bicep curls, and left? If so, you may need some guidance and motivation to make the most of your workout. A trainer will help push you, making sure you’re present and working hard. No more half-assed workouts.


6. Education

Investing in a trainer means investing in fitness knowledge. Not only will your trainer teach you proper form and how to maximize your workout, but you can pick your trainer’s brain about different muscle groups, stretches, or anything fitness related. Learn from them, soak it in! Now you’ll know how to work out anywhere.


If you’re interested in finding a San Diego personal trainer, schedule your free consultation today.