Cobi Hopkins Personal Trainer

Cobi Hopkins

KOR North Park Trainer

Cobi HopkinsACE Certified Personal Trainer


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • FRC Mobility Specialist
  • Bachelor of Science Degree In Kinesiology (Fitness Specialist)
  • Manual Stretch Therapy Technician

About Cobi

Cobi is from Riverside, CA and moved to San Diego in 2013 to pursue his degree at San Diego State University. Growing up playing competitive soccer and running cross country, he always had a drive to stay fit. However, Cobi embraced weightlifting as a new challenge with most of his experience lying in endurance related activities. After years of little to no results, he decided to make a change. Cobi read relentlessly, earned his personal training certification, and began interning at KOR to learn as much as possible. 4 years later and he is helping tons of clients work toward their goals every day.

“One of my favorite things about working in fitness is teaching people how to connect the dots with how their body responds to exercise. With so much conflicting information on the web about fat loss, muscle growth, etc. I want to be a light of guidance to help people make this journey a sustainable one.”