Why a Training Camp is the Best Way to Get Results


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1. Accountability: Your camp has designated training times. It’s harder to skip a workout when you know your coach is expecting you. Not only that – your training compadres are counting on you to be there!

2. It’s Personal: You and your coach will get to know each other on a more personal level. Establishing trust and creating this bond will allow your coach to see things from your perspective. That way, you can work together to achieve your goals. You will also feel more comfortable confiding in your coach. If you have any questions or are struggling with something during camp, you’ll have that support system – either in person, by phone, text or email.

3. Affordability: You are essentially getting the expertise and attention you would get in personal training for a quarter of the price per session. Sharing your session with other motivated individuals is just an added bonus in my opinion.

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4. Stronger Together: The first day of camp might feel like the first day of school. You find yourself in a room with full of strangers who don’t quite know what to expect. It usually only takes one sweaty session before everyone is shouting encouragement and high-fiveing each other over the fact that they survived their first workout. You get to bond over similar hardships and celebrate over victories. Before you know it, you’re planning dates outside of the gym and wondering where these people have been your whole life. I love how camps create a team-like environment. Everyone works together to build each other up and because of that, everyone gets stronger and has a lot of fun doing it.

5. Learn New Skills: Camps provide a great opportunity for you to expand your training repertoire. Adding variety to your training is an excellent way to get faster results while keeping you engaged. Practicing with different tools and/or methods can enhance your ability to adapt not only physically but also mentally. Trying something new can sometimes be intimidating, but you’ll have a coach to guide you every step of the way.

6. Improve Your Technique: While great coaches can give tips and cues during group classes, camps make it a much more personal experience. You’re coach will have the time to get to know you and assess the way your body moves. Individual coaching will allow you to continuously build up your technique with each session.

7. Goal Setting: Goals are pretty difficult to obtain if you haven’t realistically decided what you want. Camps that offer a goal setting session can help you define your goals. From there your coach will provide you with a road map to get you there. Sometimes saying it out loud or writing it down is all you need to start making progress. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Goals can change and adapt as you go. But first you have to get going.

8. Old Habits Die Hard: Changing habits is challenging. It will takes weeks of hard work and a little help from your friends to establish new, healthy habits. But here’s the good news: once you’ve made it to the end of camp you should be settled into your routine. It will be easier to keep it going than it was to make the initial change. And if you’re consistent, you will keep making improvements long after camp has ended.

9. Finish Line: Having a start date and end date means you only have to commit for a specific amount of time, which is much less scary than committing indefinitely. Some people can run hundreds of miles without stopping, but we all can’t be like Forrest Gump. I’m more of a sprinter myself. Having a finish line in sight can make it easier to push. Of course this is only part of your journey, and you’ll get to decide how to proceed after the camp ends. Your coach will help you plan your next goal and recommend the best course of action to keep the momentum going.

Whether it’s a fitness & nutrition bootcamp, women’s strength & mobility camp, a camp for moms, or kettlebell camp, consider trying a camp this year – you won’t know if you like something until you try it!