Bells and FAQ’s2018-11-14T22:34:25-08:00

Why Kettlebells

Kettlebell training is 3-dimensional

3-D training uses total body-movements rather than the typical single-plane isolation movements found in many traditional fitness programs. These movements emphasize side-to-side and rotational movements in free space with a kettlebell, working multiple muscle groups at the same time for a highly effective workout in half the time.

Kettlebell training cuts down on your workout time

You can get an effective total-body workout in as little as 20 minutes when you work out with kettlebells. The combination of 3-D movements and the shifting of your center of gravity with a kettlebell simultaneously increases your cardio-respiratory fitness and muscular strength. The Kettlebell Swing, the mother of all kettlebell exercises, is one of the few weight-bearing exercises proven to increase an athlete’s VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption).

Kettlebell training builds a strong core and back

A strong core increases both agility and power. It also builds a healthy back and minimizes risk of injury.

Kettlebell training is “functional movement”-focused

When athletes perform during practice or in competition, their bodies move in several directions at the same time. The kettlebell’s resistance, and your ability to move it in multiple dimensions while training, help increase the strength and range of motion in muscles that would not be engaged with traditional strength-training exercises.
Contributors: Stack Sports Performance


Do you have any rules that I need to know?2018-11-14T22:33:16-08:00

Our membership policies can be found here. In general, please respect the people and space around you.

This seems like it would be even more fun if my friends were doing it with me. Do you have a referral program?2018-11-14T22:33:10-08:00

Of course! We would love to welcome your friends to KOR. The more the merrier, right? Our referral programs are seasonal and change on occasion so just ask us what the current program is and you could end up winning a free month at KOR!

Does KOR offer personal training?2018-11-14T22:33:05-08:00

Yes, members who want extra attention or have some specific goals benefit greatly from personal training. It helps provide extra guidance and accountability. KOR has several options to meet your needs. Contact us for a free assessment and we will discuss your optimal path.

Do I need to check into classes?2018-11-14T22:33:00-08:00

Yes, there is a tablet by the front desk that you can use to check in.

I’m not getting as sore anymore. Am I doing it wrong?2018-11-14T22:32:52-08:00

No, this is common.  As your body adapts to new things it stop becoming as sore.  Don’t mistake this for a lack of effort or work.  Soreness is not the indicator of a good workout.  Studies have shown that soreness itself (using a scale from 0 to 10 to assess the level of soreness) is poorly correlated as an indicator of muscle adaptation and growth. Don’t let your level of soreness become your barometer of success.

Will I get sore?2018-11-14T22:32:44-08:00

Probably!  Very often when somebody tries something new or uses muscles in a way they aren’t used to, they get sore.  Sometime, extremely sore.  This is good and bad.  Good because they are identifying and working previously dormant musculature and bad because it may discourage you from continuing to workout.  Your best bet is to keep moving, stretch, drink lots of water, and keep moving.  I suggest you take another class as soon as possible.

How often should I take classes?2018-11-14T22:32:39-08:00

It depends.  Most members will start off with at 3-5 classes per week.  We suggest you take a look at your schedule and really make time to get to class.  It’s easy to come up with excuses or be “too busy”.  You’ve already taken the first step so don’t let this opportunity to start a new fitness journey get away.  If you are having any issues please let one of our trainers know and we will try to help.

Do I need to bring a towel?2018-11-14T22:32:32-08:00

Sometimes our members get a little sweaty. We have complimentary towels available. Help yourself to one, but please place it in the hamper before you leave.

What kind of shoes should I wear?2018-11-14T22:32:22-08:00

We recommend hard, flat-soled shoes like Chuck Taylors or minimalist-type footwear.  Barefoot training is also encouraged.  This allows for better body connection to the floor and greater stability.  If your toes are shy, socks are an alternative as well.

Do you have water / snacks?2018-11-14T22:32:11-08:00

We have a cold water filter for you to refill your water bottle. We also sell: water bottles, recovery drinks, cold brew coffee, Rx Bars, and meat sticks.

Where do I park?2019-04-10T18:17:48-07:00

Give yourself time to find street parking. North Park is popular so sometimes spots fill up.  You should be able to find a spot no more than two blocks away – just consider it your warm up.