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Join the 14-day EAT SMART RESTART.  Implement new, healthy habits that will allow you to make better choices to prevent weight gain, bloating, low energy, and fatigue. Eliminating sugar and unhealthy, processed foods for two weeks will instigate a total body reset, after which you will no longer crave many of the unhealthy foods you thought you couldn’t live without! We will provide explicit instructions as to what you can and cannot consume, educate you on how your body responds to your diet, and suggest delicious recipes that meet the Eat Smart Restart guidelines.

$49 package includes:

  • Eat Smart Restart Manual

  • Grocery store shopping guidelines

  • YES and NO food list

  • Daily educational emails and recipes

  • Sample meal plan

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I’ve been suffering with unexplained high histamine levels for a few months which brought on uncontrollable all day and night itching of my arms. I was taking an over the counter antihistamine during the day, a prescription one at night, an antibiotic, as well as applying two prescription creams (one was a steroid). I was a mess! My general doctor and dermatologist both told me it had nothing to do with my diet. I disagreed but yet made no move to fix it; until I saw your tweet about the Eat Smart Restart program. I responded pretty quickly with “sign me up!“ After just one week of clean eating, I eliminated all the antihistamine medication… all of it – in 1 week!!! After 2 weeks on the program, I feel great and I’ve lost 8 lbs to boot. You told me before I signed up “it is not a weight-loss program”. OK, but it sure was a nice unintended side-effect. Thank you for the support Brittany – the emails, the texts, the tweets, the FB posts. It’s a great program. It was exactly what I needed to get back on track. PS: A copy of the “yes, no, limited” foods list hangs on my fridge.
Kor’s “Eat Smart Restart” is an accessible and informative program! I found the guidelines clear and easy to follow even with my busy schedule. Digestive problems run in my family and my sensitive stomach often is a problem I’ve learned to live with. During my two weeks with “Eat Smart Restart,” I felt energized without any bloating or other digestive issues that I typically experience. The guidelines were so manageable and I felt so good during the program that it motivated me to want to continue applying what I learned to my everyday lifestyle. I would definitely recommend this program!

DISCLAIMER – The coaching services provided by Eat Smart are in no way intended as medical advice or to serve as a substitute for medical counseling. The recommendations provided should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician. Eat Smart and KOR Strength and Conditioning staff are not physicians or Registered Dietitians, and the scope of the consultation services does not include treatment or diagnosis of specific illnesses or diseases. If you, the client, suspect you may have an ailment or illness that may require medical attention, then you are encouraged to consult with a licensed physician without delay.

Rather than dealing with treatment of disease, Eat Smart and KOR focuses on wellness and prevention of illness through the use of nutritional, fitness and lifestyle recommendations to achieve optimal health. As nutrition and fitness coaches, we primarily educate and motivate clients to assume more personal responsibility for their health by adopting a healthy attitude, lifestyle, and diet. While people generally experience greater health and wellness as a result of embracing a healthier attitude, lifestyle, and diet, Eat Smart does not promise or guarantee protection from future illness.

You acknowledge that you understand that KOR staff acts as a health consultant and not a physician, and that you should consult with your physician before starting this or any other fitness or nutrition program. You accept all responsibility for your health changes during coaching, and relinquish and release any claims you may have against KOR Strength and Conditioning, and all affiliates for any illness, injuries, or damages incurred in connection with, or as a result of the use or misuse of the coaching recommendations or the recommendations made by KOR Strength and Conditioning, or the recommendations on http://www.mykorstrength.com, or from Eat Smart materials.  Furthermore, KOR Strength and Conditioning will not be held liable for failure to diagnose or treat an illness, nor will it be liable for failure to prevent future illness.  The recommendations made by Eat Smart are not medical guidelines but are for educational purposes only.  Additionally, you promise to provide KOR Strength and Conditioning staff a complete and accurate account of any medical conditions that you may have and any medications that you are taking.