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KOR Strength and Conditioning is San Diego’s best kettlebell gym that focuses on group training and functional fitness. We use a variety of high quality equipment and our friendly certified fitness professionals customize each workout to be effective and enjoyable!

KOR Strength and Conditioning is a fitness training facility located in San Diego, North Park where you will discover your inner athlete. From kettlebells and barbells to rings and ropes, we utilize a variety of tools to make your workouts effective and enjoyable.

We focus primarily with kettlebell training, but not exclusively. The kettlebell allows our members to exercise in 3D total body-movements, but we use lots of other fun workout tools. Whether you’re flipping the tire, playing on the rings, or swinging a mace, KOR provides a personalized training experience filled with variety. KOR trainers are passionate about fitness, connecting with members, and providing a positive exercise experience.

Whether you’re an experienced gym goer or just starting, our certified trainers are here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Schedule a FREE Consultation

Anyone new to KOR Strength and Conditioning will get the opportunity to start with a FREE consultation with one of our coaches. The purpose of this session is to get to know you and your unique goals, to determine the best path to success, and to show you why KOR is the best kettlebell training facility in San Diego.

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