5 Round Friday

5 Round Friday 2018-03-15T18:18:50+00:00

Every Friday, Coach Kristen does a 5 round workout and shares it with you. Join the fun!


Double KB Swing (15x)
Clubbell Clock Squat (10x)
Gorilla Clean (10/10x)
Spiderman Crawl (>/<)
Rear Lunge + Archer Row (10/10x)
Repeat 5x


Clean & Press (10x)
Plate Push 45lb (<->)
Bicep Curls alt. (20x)
High Knee Soccer Taps (30x)
Stability Ball Hip Lifts (10x)
Repeat 5x


Burpee Lateral Hurdle Hop (10x)
Plank Band Row (5/5x)
Sandbag Squat (10x)
Hammertime (10x)
Dumbbell Little Bigs (10x)
Repeat 5x


Mace Press (10/10x)
Sit Out (20x)
Mace Ballistic Lunge (10/10x)
Mace Row (20/20x)
Deck Squat with optional jump (10x)
Repeat 5x


Sled Push (>/<)
Straight Sit Ups (12x)
Option 1: Bumper Plate
Option 2: Kettlebells
Squat Thrust (8x)
Pendlay Row (8/8x)
Run 1/4 Lap (100m)
Repeat 5x


Burpee Deadlift (10x)
Bicycles (50x)
Robot Push Ups (10x)
Lunge Jumps (20x)
TRX Row (10x)
Repeat 5x


Kickstand Deadlift (5/5x)
Kickstand Bent Row (10/10x)
Box Jumps (5x)
Toe Touches (20x)
Airdyne Sprint (1 min)
Repeat 5x


Bench Hip Lift
Option 1: Double Loaded (10x)
Option 2: Single Leg (10/10x)
Med Ball Push (10x)
Mini Band Jumping Jacks (30x)
Super Band Bent Row (10x)
KB Back Lunge + Press (5/5x)
Repeat 5x


KB Bulgarian Split Squat (5/5x)
KB Seesaw Press (10x)
KB Alt. Prone Row (10x)
KB Farmer March (30x)
Med Ball Russian Slams (20x)
Repeat 5x


KB Front Squat (10x)
KB Alt. Z-Press (10x)
Split Stance Band Row (10/10x)
Slider Mountain Climbers (30x)
Deadbugs (5/5x)
Repeat 5x