Why Camp?

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Why a Training Camp is the Best Way to Get Results     1. Accountability: Your camp has designated training times. It’s harder to skip a workout when you know your coach is expecting you. Not only that - your training compadres are counting on you to be there! 2. It’s Personal: You and your [...]

Sexy & Flexy Ladies’ Strength Camp

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Ladies Strength Camp Build a strong, flexible body capable of doing anything! Mobility is the foundation for strength, and allows you to achieve more advanced pulling and balancing skills with ease. Learn ring skills, hand balances, backbending, front split, pancake, and single leg strength. Plus a few party tricks! Click on button below for more information... [...]

Fit AF 5-Week Exercise and Nutrition Camp

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Jumpstart your health this New Year with a brand new fitness routine!!! If you’d like to lose weight / get in better shape, join our Fit AF 5-week exercise and nutrition camp and kickstart your fitness transformation! What does camp include? -3 weekly workouts (M/W/F 6:30PM) -3 optional workouts for off-days (T/TH/Sat) -Nutritional Guidance -Support [...]