Fit AF 5-Week Exercise and Nutrition Camp

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Jumpstart your health this New Year with a brand new fitness routine!!! If you’d like to lose weight / get in better shape, join our Fit AF 5-week exercise and nutrition camp and kickstart your fitness transformation! What does camp include? -3 weekly workouts (M/W/F 6:30PM) -3 optional workouts for off-days (T/TH/Sat) -Nutritional Guidance -Support [...]

Territory Foods is Coming to KOR Strength and Conditioning

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We're on our way to getting up and running with tasty prepared meal delivery from Territory Foods (formally Power Supply). Order online, pickup here. Easy, real food. KOR Strength and Conditioning is a Territory Foods pick up location. Seriously delicious prepared meals, in personalized weekly plans, crafted by chefs and nutritionists to feed your [...]

Make Your Own Almond Milk

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Almond milk is a great plant-based alternative to those trying to get away from dairy. Just like any food products that come in a package or container from the store, make sure to look at the ingredients carefully.  Unless you are buying raw almond milk from a health food store or farmers market (and maybe [...]

Guidelines for Smart Meat Eaters

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The food industry has made it extremely difficult to determine which type of animal protein is healthy and which is not. From deceptive packaging to regulatory practices that don’t make sense, real food has become increasingly inconvenient to procure. Much of the farmed animal products available are rife with hormones and antibiotics, and treated with [...]

Where Do You Get Your Protein?

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Where do you get your protein? That is the first question someone will ask if you tell them you are vegetarian. There is no reason why vegetarians can’t get enough protein in their diet. The meat industry wants people to think meat is necessary at every meal to get enough protein, but this is simply not [...]

Plant-Based Protein for Health and Athletic Performance

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Written by Scott Shetler “Wait, you’re a vegan? But where do you get your protein?” Out of all the questions and comments I receive once someone finds out that I eat a plant-based diet, this protein question is the most common. While some vegetarian diets allow for the consumption of non-meat animal based foods, lacto-vegetarian [...]