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WE'RE EXPANDING!!!!!!   That's right, folks. Our surfer neighbors are moving, and we're taking over! We are so incredibly excited to start this new adventure with our amazing members, old and new. With this expansion comes many new, exciting features. Here's what's going down: New "Clubhouse" Space The current "Studio" classroom is getting an upgrade [...]

Turned Out for What???

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We had a fabulous turn out for our North Park Grand Opening Event!  I am grateful for the amount of support and enthusiasm we have received from not only our friends and members, but the entire North Park community.  A big thank you to everyone who helped welcome us to the neighborhood, making this an [...]

The Big North Park Event!

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It's time to celebrate the KOR North Park Grand Opening at 4223 B 30th Street!  Join us for a day filled with exhibition events, music, prizes, special promotions, food and refreshments.  This will be an all day event and fun for everyone, so bring your friends and family.  Even the little ones can enjoy the KOR Kids [...]