It’s time to celebrate the KOR North Park Grand Opening at 4223 B 30th Street!  Join us for a day filled with exhibition events, music, prizes, special promotions, food and refreshments.  This will be an all day event and fun for everyone, so bring your friends and family.  Even the little ones can enjoy the KOR Kids corner!  We have many surprises in store for you, so keep checking below for more details…


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Beginning the day for the Grand Opening Event, we will be hosting a charity kettlebell exhibition.  Anyone can sign up to compete!  There is a $20 entry fee that will go directly to the fundraising group “Kettlebells for Autism” to benefit the Association for Science in Autism Treatment.

Kettlebells for Autism Give BackKOR Competition Team

***Events will begin at 10am as follows***

5 Minute Snatch Test (unlimited switches) –

kettlebell snatches TSC

Only five minutes and one exercise is all it takes to test your cardio and strength together.  Do as many repetitions as you can in 5 minutes with unlimited switches.

Male Kettlebell Weight – 32kgs/70lbs
Female Kettlebell Weight – 20kgs/44lbs
Male Kettlebell Weight – 24kgs/53lbs
Female Kettlebell Weight – 16kgs/35lbs
Male Kettlebell Weight – 20kgs/44lbs
Female Kettlebell Weight – 12kgs/26lbs

Long-Cycle Set (GS Style – double bells or one switch single) – 

long cycle practice

The Girevoy Sport Long-Cycle is a test of strength, power, and toughness. The simplicity of this exercise is only outmatched by its extreme effectiveness. You will build mental and physical toughness when you take on this beast. Normally the GS version is 10 minutes on the platform, this exhibition event will only be 5 minutes without setting the bells down. Are you tough enough?

The rules to this one are simple:

A single set consisting of two phases, a Clean and a Jerk = 1 rep, performed within five minutes.

Men use two kettlebells – Women use one and are allowed one hand switch.

Once the Kettlebells touch the ground the set is terminated.

Jerk Off Tournament – 


The Jerk-Off Tournament is a one-on-one bracket style scrap for glory!!!

The Kettlebell Jerk is a power movement that starts in the rack and ends with the kettlebell(s) locked out overhead. Rinse and Repeat.

The tournament will pit athletes against each other for 3 minute sets. The most reps in that round will move on to the next round.

Max Strict Pull-up Challenge – 

pull-up challenge

Good at pull-ups? Crank out as many strict pullups as you can and win a prize. No kipping, swinging or bicycling your way up.  Start from a dead hang and pull until your chin is above the bar.  Once your hands leave the bar, your set is terminated.

Keg Carry – more details to com…

keg carry

and for funsies…

The Dreaded “Chrissy Workout” (complements of Shawn Mozen of Agatsu) – 

tuck jump burpeeswing challenge

The Chrissy is the Agatsu benchmark workout. It is an intense workout with just two exercises: the kettlebell swing and tuck jump burpees. This one will leave you sweaty and winded!!!

30 tuck jump burpees (TJB’s); 20 two-handed kettlebell swings (must swing at least 25% of your bodyweight);
25 TJBs; 25 swings;
20 TJBs; 30 swings;
15 TJBs; 35 swings;
10 TJBs; 40 swings;
5 TJBs; 45 swings
Thanks Agatsu Inc for this glorious calorie burner!!

Come sling some bells with us for a good cause!!!  Entry fee is good for one or ALL events…any Ironmen/women out there???  Prizes will include gear from “Kettlebells for Autism”, KOR swag and FREE beer from Belching Beaver!

Register HERE to play:

After the exhibition it is time to celebrate!  Food from Killer Street Tacos, refreshments, music, FREE samples and loot for all! Don’t forget to pick up your raffle tickets to win cool prizes – everyone who attends will have a chance to win!

A very special thank you to all of our sponsors and everyone who is working with Team KOR to make this an unforgettable event!  See you all there!!!!

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