The Swingers Club is back!!!!

Your favorite fitness challenge is back this spring with new challenges, more prizes, and a new structure. For those new to The Swingers Club, this is an optional, fun, friendly competition to get you moving every day. Keep reading to learn the rules and find out what’s in store.


Begins: Monday May 7th

Ends: Tuesday June 5th (you can still complete a challenge on this day)

How it works:

  • The Swingers Club challenge runs for 30 days straight. There are 40 challenges to choose from.
  • All challenges will be posted on the KOR whiteboard starting May 7th.
  • You may select 1 challenge per day to complete.
  • Alert a trainer on duty before completing a challenge.
  • Each challenge indicates the number of points you’ll earn.
  • After completing a challenge, collect your stickers from a trainer (1-3, depending on the number of points earned) and stick them next to your name on the chart on the KOR front desk.
  • At the end of the 30 days, cash in your points to redeem prizes!


At the end of 30 days, trade in your points for prizes!

5 points – Sticker
10 points – Free Beverage
15 points – KOR aluminum water bottle (*new*)
30 points – Swingers Club t-shirt
50 points – Free assisted stretch
60 points – Free private training session
70 points – 1 Free month of membership (up to $159)